About Me and My Car
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I am Justin Caruso and I am 15 years old. I am in my first season of driving a super minicup. I race mainly at two tracks, Riverview Speedway and Huntsville Speedway. Along with racing I enjoy wakeboarding and r/c car racing.

The History My Racing Site
J and J racing started when I was nine years old, racing quarter midgets. Now I am driving super minicups. They are much bigger and faster. I will discuss the car in the next paragraph. The Crew consist of My dad and Me. Sometimes I bring other people to help out like Mark, Keith, or Ben.

The car
The super mini cup looks like a NASCAR because it is a NASCAR. Yet it is only half as big. The car is based on a real NASCAR frame and has the choice of all NASCAR styles of bodies. It has a 4 point suspension with indapendent front suspension with upper and lower A arms with rack and pinion steering. For the rear it has a triangle with a pan-hard bar and two shocks. All four shocks are coil over fully adjustable shocks. To power this beast is a Honda GX390 with the governor and oil alert removed, honed cylinder, and shaved head. On super speedways these cars top out at about 120 MPH. Thats right, 120!! For saftey has an all aluiminum seat with a 5 point racing harness. Mirrors and radios are optional. They run on American Racer M32 compound tires with no additives. Tires are mounted with either a 4 or 6 lug hub. To brake this car either rear brake or front and rear brake system is required.